Saturday, October 15, 2011

AIWA Armenian International Women's Association event

Today was an outstanding day. One of my dearest friends was being honoured. She had invited me to be with her family and friends. I thank her so much for sharing this great recognition of her tireless work of so many years for women at the United Nations, thru AIWA, which is an accredited NGO.

A former UNICEF staff and longtime dedicated outstanding lady to the advancement of women, who participated at various meetings at the United Nations, namely Ms. Mary Toumayan. She has been for many years the main representative of AIWA. Today her contribution was being recognized and honored by the AIWA of New Jersey. It was great honour for me to be present at this well deserved recognition of her priceless work over so many years.

The members of the executive committee of AIWA's New Jersey branch together with group picture with Ms. Mary Toumayan.

It was a very well organized luncheon at Nisi Restaurant in Englewood, NY. They had a well rounded program put together, with women from the community with various talent and professions.

It will be aired on October 26th by Ardzagang or Artzakank (means Echo in Armenian) TV.

Ms. Mary Toumayan spoke so well summarizing her activities and the importance of helping women worldwide. She mentioned there is so much being done, however much more work is still needed to be done by governments and organizations.
Part of the program was beautiful ballroom dance presentation by gorgeous Araksya Hovsepyan. She is professional ballroom dance instructor. She also did a graceful Armenian dance, opened it with playing the flute. Afterwards we got up and danced to energetic Armenian music.

The whole event was so well thought out with great creativity and style. Each table had the name of a city or country, reflecting AIWA's international scope. I was so glad we were seated at the Beirut table. So appropriate as Mary was born in Beirut. There was Yerevan, Argentina and others, to mention a few. Every plate had a nice cookie lollipop made by Zarabakes, I couldn't wait to taste it. Eventually when I did, it was so heavenly. It was shaped like a giant tooth, however who could resist a nice cookie lilipop. This tied in so well with the introductory talk by Dr. Joyce Kurdian D.M.D. about the importance of dental checkups and how you would avoid health problems and other advances in dental care, implants done on the spot without waiting for a lab for final tooth and so on. It was well presented and educational.

There was presentation of Ms.Maral Kachichian's artwork. Behind the presenter above, you may have a peak of some of her works. She also did live drawing of her painting, explaining her technique. And that became also part of the raffle. Maral does individually hand painted gifts: glass Christmas ornaments, wine glasses, clay pots, candles, note cards and more. You may visit her website bellahuesedesign. On an adjacent table, on tiny branches there were vermeil cloisone eggs, with Armenian motifs and alphabet. They were made in Armenia. Very original designs and high workmanship! I'm not sure if they could be bought online.

I tried to upload one of the several dances performed by energetic, beautiful and multi-talented Ms. Araksya Hovsepyan. However I'm unable to upload the video - Perhaps you may check out the next TV show by Artzakank and enjoy the full program.

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