Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Overcoming the Disaster"

Monday evening, March 5th 2012, I attended a wonderful outstanding Concert, "Overcoming the Disaster", Commemorates One Year Anniversary of Japanese Quake and Tsunami. in the General Assembly the Permanent Mission of Japan and the Japan Foundation presented the Great East Japan earthquake commemoration concert. It was an outstanding and very memorable program. I had never seen such huge drums. At first I thought they were props. Needless to say, those drums with the expert Wakumizu Kagura, a traditional fold performance group from the area that was affected by the earthquake of 2011. They were from the Tohoku region and Ondekoza, a professional Japanese taiko drumming troupe were amazing. You could feel the earthquake, the sounds, the agony and all! 

Here is video by the United Nations, special moments from the concert:
United Nations Photo: Concert, "Overcoming the Disaster", Commemorates One Year Anniversary of Japanese Quake and Tsunami

They dealt with the earthquake in a creative way. Tohoku region is well known for its harsh environment, frequent famine and natural disasters. They have the Kagura unique art form that serves to provide a spiritual and emotional connection to home for those who have had to evacuate and live far away from the affected regions.

About the quake: The quake-generated ground motions recorded by seismometers contain large amounts of information about how earthquakes
unfold. Now, researchers have brought the seismic vibrations of last year's magnitude-9.0 temblor in Japan to life by speeding up the vibrations 100-fold, bringing them into the human range of hearing.

I'll add some of my photos and videos soon.

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