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New Year, New You

 We hope and wish you a wonderful New Year!

I have a nice collection of treats for you or loved ones.

Valentine's day is around the corner. We have wide selections for you:

Check out:

angel linear earrings
Silver tone angel linear earrings by Lucine Designs

Pomegranate earrings by Lucine Designs

red linear earrings

Red baubles earrings
Red baubles fashion earrings on large kidney wires by Lucine Designs. Get your unique limited edition earrings.

Makes great gift as well! 

handmade red wirework Lucine Designs unique bolo slider bracelet. It fits well snugly on your wrist.slider red bracelet get this unique bracelet for you or a loved one
Red beaded earrings

Red felt earrings, hand beaded, by Lucine Designs. It's one of a kind pair. Great for unique you!


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