Thursday, August 8, 2019

Graphics Design

Check out these graphics designs and photographs on various products. Your chance to buy unique boutique gifts for the home or office, as well as personal use:

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Latest gift selections and bargains

Presenting to you latest selections of boutique jewelry and bargains at bargain prices. It's sold via Mercari app. Do you sell via Mercari? Let's hear from you.

Gold Flower Drop Earrings Gift Ideas
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Gold Long Earrings Trendy Jewelry. The long chain or thread like drop earrings is the latest earrings look. Click here to buy

Shades of grey beaded bib necklace, it's timeless beauty. Click here to buy

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Good luck or known as evil eye keychain. Click here to buy

Have you brought from Mercari yet?

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Turn fruits into leather - recycle, redesign and refashion

The idea of having as little waste as possible is very important in our daily life. We are even more aware in social media about DIY fashion, redesign, upclycle and refashion. There are numerous DIY boards on Pinterest people like to learn about recycling. Instagram is rich with great ideas and videos about this topic. I had met at a special redesign session Sooo Bunny in Long Island City. However, I'm not sure if she does those DIY sessions with discarded or donated excess material from various businesses. Today I was fascinated to watch her video and I wanted to share her video with you. Your comments and similar links is greatly appreciated:
As we are talking about redesigning, after a year of purchasing this teal tshirt, at last I managed to figure out how to redesign it. Ever since I purchased it from the Loft, I never liked the way it looked on me. Hence, I was going thru my stash and found this blue tubing and voila. Now I can happily wear it.
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Good morning 🌞 ah sunny day in #nyc after yesterday’s rain. Do you have in your #closet #tshirts sitting there, all #brandnew but you don’t like the way it looks on you? What do you do with them? Here is one of the T-shirts I had bought last year from #loft @loft and it has been sitting in my #projects #pile I wanted to #redesign however I never liked the additions to the split sleeves. This morning I found the perfect colorful blue cord from years past. I figured I would add to the center and tie as an accent. Stay tuned for updates. What projects you have pending and had the aha moment? . . . #fashion #redesignedfashion #fashiongoals #redoutfit #workinprogess #projects #projectdiva #handmadecrafts #redesign

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Good morning on this 🌧 rainy ☔️ Tuesday in #newyorkcity I like to update you with the sleeves of this T-shirt. What do you think 🤔? I now feel that I can wear this brand new T-shirt. It was folded away in my closet for a year! Because I didn’t like the way the sleeves looked! Do you have blouses or T-shirts you bought and never wore? This T-shirt I had bought from The Loft in Bayterrace mall. Did you redesign an outfit? Tag me, I would love to see 🎀 I had this blue hues cord in my stash and I used it. . . . #junegoals #redesign #redesignedtshirt #fashionpost #embellishement #embellishnyc #tshirtslovers #tshirtdesign #tshirtcustom #tshirtstyle #tshirt #refashionedtshirt #loft #lucine #lucinedesigns #workinprogess #stitching #bayterrace #bayterracemall #baysidenyc #baysidequeens #mycloset #restyle

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You would enjoy this waste free wrapping:

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fashion jewelry collection

Looking for that unique gift? A vintage jewelry? I will list often some selections for you. Your comments are most welcome

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

9 Blooming Container Gardens That Welcome Butterflies and Bees

Today I read:
I love nature and clean living. The importance of bees is well documented. Without their pollination ability, the food chain and agriculture will be doomed. And eventually hunger will prevail worldwide.

If you have a garden, isn't it better to plant to attract bees instead of the boring green grass? Besides, it's more pleasant to see blooming plants. Would you make more effort for the environment and good chain? Here is a great article in Houzz:

Attract pollinators with one of these colorful nectar- and pollen-rich container combinations

Friday, September 7, 2018

Recycle, upcycle your clothes

It's a great trend to stop and think about all the waste out there. We think often as to how we could reduce. We check out closet once in a while and decide some of the clothing are very outdated. Or they no longer fit us, perhaps we have lost some weight or we don't feel they are flattering.

If you are creative, here is a page you might like to check for great ideas and inspiration. If you do redesign a shirt or clothing, let's hear from you:

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Selling online your handcrafts:analysis of ETSY

We have a nominal presence at Etsy. The once thriving community of handmade goods. However, Etsy evolved over the years.

To analyse and find out the pros and cons of selling your creations at Etsy, we went to the discussions board.

Here is a creative business that no longer finds selling on Etsy favorable for their line. The have quoted the various reasons for this painful decision. The bottom line is, best to have your own website and brand it. Here is the thread: 1.5 Million : We were the Etsy Dream, but all good things come to an end. It's very eye opening to see where selling on Etsy is headed if you are a small handcrafts business. All the pitfalls are listed there. It would be helpful to make your own decision accordingly. Tell us if you sell online in groups such as Etsy and what is your experience with them?

1.5 Million : We were the Etsy Dream, but all good things come to an end.

Here is Racked about Etsy: Etsy’s Evolution Strains Sellers
After a lackluster IPO, longterm shopkeepers notice shifts. BY Micaela Marini Higgs NOV 16, 2017, 9:32AM EST

Featuring Bachigs at Etsy: