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Your artwork and licensing information

 I have seen in social media, artists upset that others have been using their designs on products WITHOUT getting permission. Perhaps creatives need to learn about licensing. I gathered here some information and resources: Artwork licensing - How to license your art for beginners /management/how-to-license-your-art-a-beginners-guide-to-artwork-licensing/ To get royalties for your artwork , license your images to people who need artwork for their products and in return, you can earn a fee. This is called artwork licensing. Alternatively, upload your artwork to products on print-on-demand websites such as Printful or Red Bubble, and receive a royalty based on a percentage of each sale made. 4. How to License Your Artwork /co/start/strategy/how-to-license-your-artwork It really is that simple. The receptionist may provide you with an email address or give you a name and extension to call. Sometimes, a quick search of the

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