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Fashion: This and that - Geetha, fashion stylist from London

Fashion: This and that I would love to see her Geetha's collection. Read here about her designs. Here is info about Geeta: She is the founder of Crimson House of Style, a fashion house based in India. A stylist from London who has had the privilege of styling some prominent media personalities like Mr. A R Rahman, Mrs. Radhikaa Sarathkumar, Priya Anand, etc.,

New fall styleboard - check it out

Check out this styleboard - Ready for fall? Come to Macy's by divadivo

Large drop earrings light up Emmys red carpet | National Jeweler

Well, it looks like the upcoming earrings trend is long. Large drop earrings light up Emmys red carpet | National Jeweler Check out some trendy and timeless drop earrings here: Here is nice black swinging drop earrings for you:

New York and Fashion

I'll list here links to the wonderful New York Fashion week collections and upcoming looks: 31 street looks - Spring 2012 New York Fashion week: Mercedes-Benz fashion Academy of Art University photos - Spring 2012 Anna Sui Fall 2011 collection Betsy Johnson - Fall 2011 collection Callula Lillibelle - I'm not familiar with this designer, however it's wearable, unlike some others which belong just on the runway I like Nanette Lepore's Fall 2011 collection: Adam - I'm not exactly fond of this collection - Additional designers to check out: Design

Upcycle your T-shirt

Special craft projects that would help the environment, create a fun item that you would be proud of and save space in your closet by using t-shirts that you no longer like to wear. I bet you all have few of those sitting in your drawers or closets, you love those t-shirts, however you no longer want to wear them. Hence, they take up closet space. There are ways to upcycle and turn them into fun items you could wear, or give to your friends. If you make too many of them, you could sell online or help a non-profit organization with your creative works. The possibilities are endless. The most important thing is to put together what you don't want to wear. Set a time for your project. Even better, ask you friends to join you and have a fun afternoon with them being creative for a cause. These are some of the upcycled t-shirt I had. Here is the image of the end result. These purple flowers used to be purple t-shirt from one of my vacations. I never wore it and didn't have the

Great news, Sonia will be in NY next Saturday, September 10th

The September 10th, Armenian annual picnic is around the corner, next Saturday. I'm so happy that great jewelry and designer Sonia from Chicago will participate at this festival. Also, I would have the honour to meet her and enjoy up close her works. Please direct any inquiries to Sonia at or call her cell @ 630-242-0590 These dancers series is so outstanding - here is dancers in mookite I love her dancers - isn't this outstanding? Only a great artist can do this, and that Sonia certainly is.

Laura's new collection

Laura Collins has great collection of vintage fashion featured at Etsy. Here is her latest addition - feel like a princess or a queen with this vintage 1950s silver mink stole. It's a steal at only $125.00 - "Vogue Special Design" on label. This is a haute couture piece (a couture seamstress and their labels won't show on searches). Vogue Special design are a line of patterns designed by the top designers for home sewers, . They came with the labels that you stitched on when it was done. It's all about condition. It is VERY good looking. You might like to add this brown stole too to your collection, for those special evenings out. HOLLYWOOD GLAM! Gorgeous brown genuine ultra soft Mink Stole. You can feel glamorous with this timeless stole anytime, anywhere! STUNNING! Original 1950s - it's only $325.00 Check Laura's great collection at

New chic fashion styleboard at Kaboodle

Check out this new styleboard that includes a chic pulled together look So chic by divadivo