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New trendy fashion necklace listed

Check out this gorgeous necklace we just listed today at simply gorgeous!!

Les Cinq Amandes open house 11, 12 and 13 November

Les Cinq Amandes will be holding its much anicipted open house on: November 11th, 12th, 13th. This open house will be showcasing their exciting three new three new lines of gifts to their classic collection, which include: The Falling Leaves Collection :        A fine collection celebrating the fall season, featuring beautiful porcelain (mostlly from Portugal, Japan and Thailand), artisan-made metal, and glass from India. Voyage Asiatique :         A collection of ecclectic gifts, trays, and arrangements from the Far-East and Middle-East featuring a selection Middle-Eastern treats (Nougas, glazed fruits, and nut based confections). Le Boudoir :       A place where Haute Couture and design meet Haute confections!

New pearl necklaces

We have brand new collection of pearl clusters necklaces - they will be at a Christmas Holiday food fair show tomorrow among other unique items - will post others soon:

New items will be listed here - more coming

New items arriving soon, here is some of them:   You may purchase at:

One of the best Etsy treasuries

I checked out today one of the best treasuries on Etsy. It has all the best elements to bring back elegance, chic, grace and good taste to fashion. Check this link out and let me know what's your opinion. Here is the link Check out from Laura's album this chic dress. So glad young ladies are appreciative of fine fashion. If this trend continues, the future is bright to fine fashion.  Check it out at:

Redesigned white necklace

I redesigned and updated Susan M's necklace. She is so sweet, she had given me many goodies and a white necklace was among them.  I added the gold statement bead and finished off with elegant black organza ribbon and this is the end result. Do you like it? Would you like similar necklaces?

Variations to a theme: turquoise cross earrings

Just listed two pairs of earrings variations to a theme: which one do you like?  Buy at

Newest fashion must have jewelry

Here is newest styles - Must have fashion necklace and earrings -  and the matching earrings - aren't they gorgeous??

New items in our collection

Here is some of the newest items in our collection - tricolour "good luck" earrings with crystals crystal drop earrings Cross with crystals bookmark a must have flower pin with crystals

New onyx necklace

Another brand new necklace by Lucine Onyx with cross silver accents - linked #927N-G7 -      21" Available for purchase at

New additions to our collection

We have some of these new additions to our collection - the earrings will be heading to California soon. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask. If you have a store, let's talk: gunmetal drop earrings with crystals below you would find variations to that same theme with different finishes: 920E-G2-LC and

New collection on it's way soon to California

Here is selection from our new collection that will be heading to California at the end of this week. If you like to have more information or how to purchase, please contact us. in the next few days, we'll add more items - so stay tuned.

Fashion Article: Underwear if not outerwear

I certainly, totally agree with this recent article about unacceptable outerwear presented as fashion by "celebrities". It's about time we got back to elegance and true design and fashion. Check out the article and let me know what's your opinion. Also may I add that at these fashion shows, it's about time the proper place be given to fashion accessories. If an outfits needs a necklace, please wear one. As many times it looks as something is missing, or they were in a rush to remember to wear the right accessory. Of course there are some outfit that don't need extra glitter or an accessory, are perfect the way they are. But most DO need that special touch to finish off the look. Click here for the article in NY Daily News: Underwear is Not Outerwear . You views please - don't hesitate to leave your comment