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Vintage jewelry collection as gift ideas and the art of brooches

Presenting amazing vintage gifts for you available at BaysideLu for you or gift ideas for your friends and family.  Gold vintage brooch with pearl center The gold lutus by Avon - vintage pin Silvertone brooch with pearl and crystals/rhinestones       Large gorgeous turquoise orchid! So timeless! Amazing mid 50s gold brooch - so timeless Vintage gold statement hairclip Beautiful green brooch with crystals/rhinestones amazing large blue flower vintage pin This is an amazing purple shades vintage pin, one of my favorites! Check out BaysideLu and amazing bargains at:   Let's watch the art of brooches by L'ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts   How did the idea of brooches pins started! Transitioned from functional into amazing decorative brooches!  The history of brooches reflects the social and technical evolution of