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The status of preloved clothing

We are aware of the impact clothing has on the environment. Some of us try to resell our preloved clothing and accessories. Others send to charities. A large bulk is sent to overseas companies for recycling,redesiging, repurposing. This article is one of the latest updates to the sad situation with those clothing. Emphasis is best put on quality, rather than mass produced clothing with cheaper, low grade fabric. Here is an article you would like to read and be aware of the latest in the recycling business: No One Wants Your Used Clothes Anymore A once-virtuous cycle is breaking down. What now? Would you like to buy preloved clothing and accessories? You would find great, brand new, giftable boutique items as well at Mercari. What's your solution to reduce your impact on the environment? Look for timeless fashion pieces. Updating this page with this refreshing restyled gown by Kate Middletone - See Kate Middleton's Glamorous (and Sustainable) Re-Wear on the BA

Creativity, generosity and how to avoid burnout

Have you noticed people that are talented, are sought after a lot and those close to them like to tap into their energy and creativity? People that are giving always, would face burnout after a while and feel the need to scale back. Here are interesting articles touching upon that situation: Beat Generosity Burnout Selflessness at work leads to exhaustion — and often hurts the very people you want to help. Here’s how to share your time and expertise more effectively. Here are few pointers from the above article, which I really love: "Experts share knowledge. Coaches teach skills. Mentors give advice and guidance. Connectors make introductions. Extra-milers show up early, stay late, and volunteer for extra work. Helpers provide hands-on task support and emotional support. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Cast your eyes over this list and think about what makes sense for you. Identify two or three ways of offering unique value to othe

Today's top picks - boutique earrings

Are you looking to buy a pair of drop earrings? Today I have few selections for your shopping pleasure. Blue drop fashion earrings, it's limited edition Evil eye drop earrings mother of pearl This earrings is made of vintage gold tone chain and orange lucite beads. The store in Manhattan is long closed, sadly like many others. The gold chain didn't tarnish at all, after all these years! Enjoy this limited edition long drop pair. It would come in fancy organza drawstring pouch: Elegant and classic stylish pair of faux purple pearl, accented by purple crystals: And here is the light green version of the pearl drop earrings: Mother of pearl accented by red evil eye glass lampwork beads and enhanced by crystals, by Lucine Designs Get these good luck earrings for you or someone you love, just because you want to make their day! Another classic variation to the mother of pearl earrings, this one has onyx gemstone accent. Elegant and stylish drop earrings:

Boutique gifts and shopping for Valentine's Day

Today's top picks for today is vibrant red and gold collection for Valentine's Day and beyond: Red heart earrings, lovely red felt drop earrings by Lucine Designs. It will come in fancy organza drawstring pouch. It's limited edition: This pair would be your favorite: It's red large baubles from gold tone large kidney earwires: Minimalist gold drop earrings, you would love to add to your jewelry box! Those bracelet clasps become so annoying! With this one of a kind triple row bracelet, you don't have to worry about clasps. It has magnetic closure, easy to put it on and off! And it's a great bargain at this price as well! Here is a different version of the red earrings, it is on fancy French gold tone earwires: