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Know your gold

This reference info is taken from the February 2011, "The Offical Guide to the Diamond District" - 47th St Guide: Gold stamped and it's percentage of gold %: 1. 10k stamped: 417,10kt,10k = 41.7% gold 2. 14k stamped: 585,14kt,14k = 58.5% gold 3. 18 k stamped: 750, 18kt,18k = 75% gold 4. 22k stamped: 917,22kt,22k = 91.6% gold 5. 24k stamped: 999,24kt,24k = 99.999% gold Note about diamonds and cuts: "Brilliance and carat weight are often inversely proportional to each other. To satisfy the modern customer, sub-standard cuts are often favored in order to achieve more weight in carats".

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Living Room by Christopher Coleman

Fresh, flattering and feminine: Marvelous Mani

Fresh, flattering and feminine: Marvelous Man by ourdesignpages featuring a lacy dress Jane Norman lacy dress $58 - Pendant jewelry Statement earrings Manicure tool $31 - Nail care