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Sharing cool instructions: How to make paper box

Sharing with you very cool instructions to make box out of paper. In this case, they are using two dollar bills. Here is the link, isn't it cool? If you try to make a similar box, don't hesitate to share your link with us! Have fun!

Valentine's gifts - red jewelry

We have several new pieces online: here is some of them: You could get it at: Bracelets Earrings Necklaces

Charity starts at home - Your chance to help New York State: Troy, NY

Have you tried to figure out how to help out the economy? What needs to change or what steps you could take to help out? Businesses are very vital to growth. We hear of budget cuts over and over. Let's use the power of the internet and help out our own states we live in. In my case, it's New York State, the Empire State. The best way to revitalize and energize the economy is by helping out the various towns. Here is a great initiative by RPI students to revitalize downtown Troy, NY. I have visited the downtown and I loved the charm and it's old glory. Here is a way to help revitalize it. Instead of going all over long distances for vacationing or shopping, wouldn't it be great to do it in your own backyard? If you are travelling to Canada, on your way you could make a stop and enjoy downtown Troy. Then head off or stay a bit longer. Here is your chance to do so, by simply voting everyday. Also spread the word by posting on your Facebook wall, speak about it in your

Cafepress store

Cafepress is an online site to upload your designs or customize their designs. Here is a sample store that has utilized their designs - check it out at: Do you have a Cafepress store? Let's hear from you - we would love to see your store!

Are you into vintage?

Do you like vintage? And even more than that, do you like sewing vintage style outfits? Then you would love to check out this reference website regarding vintage sewing. Here is the link: It offers free online access to public domain sewing books. You could browse by decades or by categories: Here are the categories: o dressmaking o school textbook o sewing course o pattern design (drafting, draping, etc.) o tailoring o glovemaking o millinery o laundry/dry cleaning I checked the 1900s and stumbled upon the ornamental stitching. It's fascinating. You would find at: If you find this info useful, let's hear from you. Specially if you made something based on those books. Have fun!

Get ready for Valentine's - red bracelets

Red hot, faceted glass coil bracelet. Click here to buy - free sh/h to US and Canada This is an amazing brand new red glass cuff bracelet with crystal accents - so lovely. Click here to buy it - free sh/h! Available for purchase - free sh/h at: Check out this squido page about combining various necklaces and creating your own special look.

Just listed today - trendy necklaces

This is part of our latest fashion jewelry collection that we uploaded few minutes ago. It's double row, matt gold circles spaced at intervals. Buy it now by clicking this link - each purchase order would have a surprise gift included! Available for purchase - free sh/h at: Check out this squido page about combining various necklaces and creating your own special look.

New additions to our collection

This hearts, flowers charm necklace is available at: This unique heart earrings is available at:

New matt gold 3 row necklace

Available for purchase - free sh/h at:

New listings: Jasper and sodalite vermeille earrings

Our recent listings: 3 available - purchase at: And Available for purchase at:

Online group to promote your biz

Ten years ago I had started on yahoo one of our several groups: to help online sellers promote their business and buyers to post what they are looking for. Due to lack of time, I hadn't done much with it. Now with various tool at our disposal, Facebook, Twitter and others, this is a good time to start the new year right and get more serious with this group. Some of the spam posts are cleared and hopefully all future posts that are not in compliance with the group's purpose, would be deleted. Therefore, if you have online business, you are welcome to participate. In particular, there is the links section with various folders. You may add the link to your online store there. You are welcome to promote it anyway you can, to turn it into a functional group. Best of luck with your online sales!