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Curated artisan treasury selections

Here is yet another selected Etsy treasuries to check out. I have also the link to the curators' store. They are slections from talented artisans: Peggy is the curator of this wonderful treasury. Visit her handmade jewelry and flowers at: Purplmama store. Visit the treasury "A Sunny Sunday" at: Here is one more for you today: Visit the treasury and check out each and every artisan collection at: And of course the talented curator of this treasury Kerri Blackman's original abstarcts at: For those summer days and cool breezy nights a wonderful collection expertly curated by Diveelegant. Check out Divine Elegance's wonderful v

Featured in Etsy treasuries

Presenting to you featured artisan handcrafted gifts featured in various Etsy treasuries. Each one presented with a link to the curator's shop: This treasury: "You like me You really like me" is curated by Arlene from Phoenix, Arizona - check out her handmade goodies "Summer Time - Mother's Day is curated by Shira, who also happens to be from Phoenix, Arizona - check out her lovely store. "For mom with LOVE" is yet another wonderful treasury for MOM. However, you can treat her anytime. Curated by Bachigs . This is a very cool breezy summer days and nights handmade and unique artisan collection, curated by Divelegant. Check each item in this treasury at: Laura has great vintage collection and is great expert, check out also her online vintage boutique at:

Leverage design challenge

Deadline for this challenge is May 20th Design challenge theme: Leverage! This theme's winner will be chosen on Monday, May 21. Please put "leverage" somewhere in the photo's description or in your post comments so we know that it is a submission for this challenge. Add your work on facebook at:

Culture thru comedy selections

In my search for more videos about mothers I came across some interesting videos: A comedy about Persian mothers: Max Amini - Iranian Moms & Tomato Juice: Amir K. - Middle Eastern Dad: Peter the Persian - Persian Dad vs. Indian Mechanic Bobby Lee - Asian Parents Bobby Lee - Dad Jo Koy - Latinos & Asians- Comedy clip Edwin San Juan - About Filipinos and Asians.flv Jew vs Indian, Why Chinese can't do business with Indian. Russell Peters Russel Peters - arabs jokes

Songs dedicated to "Mother"

A bunch of songs dedicated to "Mother" in various languages: Feel free to add in comments area link to other songs dedicated to Mothers in any language, that you LOVE. Sidney Bechet - Si tu vois ma mère = If you see my mother: Nana singing a song dedicated to her mother "Mayrikis" = to my mother (Armenian song) - She has left her homeland and left her mother behind, song of yearning and love Celine Dion singing "Mama"" Aram singing "Mayrik" about his mother who's sick and her heart broken heart (in Armenian) This song is in Armenian dedicated to "Mother" or "Mayrik" by Armenchik- mayr=mother: Here is a song by late Aram Asatryan "Mayrikis" = to my mother singing in Armenian: Here is an Arabic song dedicated to "Mama" thanking mother for being there alawys, even though his father abandoned them: it's in Arabic with English subtitles Another Arabic song dedicated to

Lebanese designers Part I - Elie Saab & Basil Soda

I have decided to explore the Lebanese designers. I'll cover often about this topic. I will start with Lebanese designer Elie Saab. Elie Saab was born in Lebanon in 1964. He is self-taught designer. When you check out his site, you'll know the extent of his talent. His sisters were so lucky to have such talented brother, who started designing for them at age 9! Every sisters' dream brother for sure. Here is his website, it's equally high fashion top notch website. A little bit of warning, you'll really get hooked and want to see his whole collection and each and every page, design and watch it over and over. . I have his perfume bought at Bloomingdales. And voila Elie Saab's Spring Summer 2012 video presentation: And now, presenting yet another outstanding Lebanese fashion designer Basil Soda: This Youtube interview would give you a great idea about this wonderful designer: Check our Basil Soda's