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Thematic maps

I blieve the Thematic maps by Arcgis is fascinating. They have put together wonderful collection of very useful maps: Koppen-Geiger Observed and Predicted Climate Shifts. Well, we all do feel all this climate changes and huge variations. Check out the changes from 1901 to 2100 You may want to check out Global Wetlands, or World AIDS Day map. How about the Global Footprints of Nations as calculated by the Global Footprint network. Or Global distribution of Seagrasses-Points Dataset (2005). World Mineral Deposits from Natural Resources Canada. Global Climate Observing Stations. Carbon Dioxide Emissions on the Rise. Greatest Sporting Nations (Global Cup Dec 2011) Observed temperature change over Europe 1976-2006. Import and Export of Plastic Waste. Greece and Great Britain detailed basemap produced through the Community maps Program. And many more interesting maps. Check out all of that at:

The Golden Age of Couture

I just came across this great page: The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947 to 1957. The exhibition has taken place in 2008, however for you vintage and fashion lovers, it's worth your time. It's worth exploring this great site. There is very interesting interactive timeline of the couture designers. Follow this link If you are up to the challenge, there is also couture inspired pattern at:

Why I Pirate - An Open Letter To Content Creators

This article was posted on FB wall and I liked to check it out. The title of this article is: Why I Pirate - An Open Letter To Content Creators It's quite lengthy, however worthwhile for those who put content on the web. Businesses and various industries out there might like to read and understand what the consumer is looking for.

Today's Etsy treasuries showcase

Here is today's featured Etsy treasuries - great selection for your shopping pleasure. The link to the treasuries are given, along with the talented curators. Check them out and feel free to share and comment too! Sisters, Secret Keepers: Check out this treasury directly at: and please visit the curator's booth also: Rachel Parris, from Binghampton, NY. Winter becomes Spring check out this lovely treasury at: The curator is: Paula Erker from Northampton, Massachusetts check out her booth Artwink jewelry at: Peace on Earth what a great theme! Check out this treasury at: Curated by ggbox from Europe Vintage and more treasury check out each item at http://w

New Fashion digitization project

Great news for vintage fashion lovers. As with everything that's taking the digital path, NYPL and FIT have launched a new website. It's called the Andre Studios Digitization Project . It allows you to brows the archives of Andre Studios from 1931-1940. Check out winterwear 1930-1941 with sketches and drawings . It's fascinating for all of the fashionistas and stylish you!

Outstanding handcrafts collection Etsy treasuries

I have recently started featuring outstanding Etsy treasuries. Check out these selections. You have the link to respective treasuries and those who took great time and care for curating them. Check them all out, it's well worth your time. Discover great talent and great way to shop for true treasures. This is so refreshing - check out this nice bazaar from the comfort of your home, office or the great outdoors, spcially if it's a cafe trotoire :) Here is the link to the treasury: and don't forget to visit the curator's website as she is also very talented: The Magic of Colors from Istanbul How about Fields of Red? You could see the great variety in these collections. Check out and see each and every wonderful item at: Check out the curator's works at Ananda Bijoux from St.Charles Illinois.

"Overcoming the Disaster"

Monday evening, March 5th 2012, I attended a wonderful outstanding Concert, "Overcoming the Disaster", Commemorates One Year Anniversary of Japanese Quake and Tsunami. in the General Assembly the Permanent Mission of Japan and the Japan Foundation presented the Great East Japan earthquake commemoration concert. It was an outstanding and very memorable program. I had never seen such huge drums. At first I thought they were props. Needless to say, those drums with the expert Wakumizu Kagura, a traditional fold performance group from the area that was affected by the earthquake of 2011. They were from the Tohoku region and Ondekoza, a professional Japanese taiko drumming troupe were amazing. You could feel the earthquake, the sounds, the agony and all!  Here is video by the United Nations, special moments from the concert: United Nations Photo: Concert, "Overcoming the Disaster

Armenian architect: Sinan

There is a very interesting article in New York Times featuring all about the famous Armenian architect Sinan. Interestingly New York Times has omitted a very important information that he is indigenous to Asia Minor and is an Armenian. Do Americans ever omit anything that an American Indian has done? Never. Then how come New York Times omits it? Therefore, when you read an article, try to do your own research to complete your knowledge. As to be "politically correct" often in the media they omit crucial information. So I'm letting you know the missing link and info about Sinan. Below I'm including additional info to add to your knowledge about Armenian architects. Read here all about the rave review the New York Times has posted in their travel section: entitled: Cultured Traveler Tracking Turkey’s First Starchitect: . You'll learn a bit more in fact about Armenian culture,

More fun treasuries at Etsy

Etsyians take selection of fine handmade and creative artistic works seriously. They create outstanding collections. I'll often present a sampling for your esthetic and shopping pleasure. Here is Cottage Wedding by Jennifer - Check out the treasury at: enjoy!

Philadelphia Flower Show

March 11th we'll go to the Philadelphia Flower Show. We don't to miss it. Enjoyed last year's theme "Paris". I should add eventually all the gorgeous pictures we took. Check out the Flower show which is in full bloom video by ABC For more information and tickets, check out the FB page of Philadelphia Flower show at:

March 4 - treasury selections

If you are looking for the unique, fashion forward handcrafts and arts, where do you go online? I'm sure Etsy is on top of the list. If not, please check out these selections by Bachigs at Etsy. Fresh collection at: I love this great treasury by Ania from Poland - check it out at Kim Carsten 's Popping Poppies terasury - click on this link to see each item, admire and buy: Here comes the sun - another wonderful treasury by Anna - check out New treasury check out at: great selections by: Jessica Your comments are most welcome!