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Bridal and special celebrations - check this gorgeous gown!

Bring back the good old days, glamour and style! Look no further, Laura Collins has the most gorgeous gowns for that very special occasion. Check out this gorgeous gown Buy at before someone else snatches it!!  Sexy back view YESSSS, I want to buy it!!

Great latest fashion must have necklace

You're got to check out this gorgeous latest fashion must have statement necklace check it out - click here at the direct link to the necklace - click here

Discovered a new website: Lux Secret

I stumbled upon this website: It's updated on a weekly basis: topics covered Luxury insider info, has a blog, coming soon is the LuxSecret Society - will check it soon for new discoveries. There is global event calendar: Business, Charity and Social events listing. As per their definition it's abaout high-quality niche and artisanal luxury goods, services and purveyors from all disciplines of luxury including experiential travel, haute cuisine, couture, yachting and art. What do you think about this magazine?

Armenian artist: about Carzou

This info provided by Hovik Abrahamian : World Art: Jean Carzou (Born 1907, Aleppo, Syria – Died 2000 Marsac-sur-l'Isle, Dordogne, France), born Garnik Zouloumian, was a French-Armenian artist. Jean arrived in Paris in 1924 to study architecture. He started working as a theater decorator but he then quickly realized he preferred drawing and painting. In 1938, more than a hundred exhibitions of his works were organized in Paris, in the French provinces and abroad. In 1949, he received the coveted Hallmark prize. A Carzou museum exists in the town of Dinard (Brittany). Here is google search results for Carzou

New items listed today

Today we listed two items:   Special wholesale lot of magnetic earrings - 9 sets in this lot - click here to check it out And this classic modern, brand new grey faceted long necklace, it's handknotted - it's very versatile, wear it with many outfits Buy these at:

work in progress

Here is the summary of top 10 fall fashion trends

Leather jackets Dresses: versatile with leather trims, lace insets, ruffles and pearl details Boots and booties: riding boots are hot with quilted , metal patent details. Got elevated platforms and wedges Furs: faux fur vests, trim for jackets, handbags and accessories Shoulders: bolder shoulders with pleating or tucking, embroidery. It's the 1940s and 50s looks that are hot Lace: out from the lengerie department and into the daywear from dresses and leggings. It screams of romance. It also translates into trimmings for handbags, scarves and necklaces Colour: taupes and grays, also imperial purple, royal blue, all kinds of greens, deep corals and rich golds accessories: shimmery, sparkly beads, lames, sequins and everything gold watches: they don't have to be expensive, mostly bold and chunky is the way to go

Today we updated the Bachigs website

Today we volunteered at the annual festival at the Armenian Church of the Holy Martyrs - it was a rainy day, however all the volunteers, vendors and faithful visitors did show up. It was yet another annual success. This festival is unlike other street festivals. It's very classy - you see comfortably at tables under specially set-up tents and enjoy all the delicious freshly prepared delicious Armenian food by many volunteers and enjoy the live entertainment. Few hours ago we managed to update our website: check it out and let us know how we can improve - what else would you like to see featured in our products line? Are you looking for a particular fashion item? Let's hear from you. We updated the icons leading to specific categories

Traditional Armenian Embroidery

Keepers of  Tradition: The Marash Armenian embroidery work - check this blog I have my own grandmother's Aintab Embroidery works - someday when I take the photos, I'll post them. They are heirloom and of museum quality. And here is yet another Armenian Embroidery of Marash Armenians Check out the following link - It has extensive information about Armenian Embroidery