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Today's bargain fashion earrings finds

We all like to find a bargain or two. I found several for you at Mercari app. Here is someone practically new to selling online. Let's encourage him and help with the sales. Let me know which ones you like best and what other items you are looking for. Perhaps I can help find them for you. Red hot earrings with crystals for those festive evenings This pair is so chic and you can wear with many outfits or give them as gift to that special someone. This is a unique design drop earrings with gemstone and orange crystals. You would love to have it in your jewelry collection. What a lovely statement crystal long drop earrings! It's so festive! Must keep it in your jewelry box, ready to wear at those special parties you would attend soon! What a cool blue howlite drop earrings. It's limited edition by Lucine Designs. Check them out The classic circle design with clear crystals drop earrings. Here is a one of a kind earrings in Chrysoprace gemstone w

Today's bargain fashion buys

I will bring to you special preloved fashion bargains. We all love to see less waste. Here is your chance to buy great fashion, at amazing prices. Buy gently used, almost new clothing for sustainable fashion. As well as help declutter, reduce, reuse and enjoy wearing well made garments and clothing. We don't want to see clothing ending up in landfills, as sadly majority of them end up there. Check these out and let us know what else you like to see here Who else loves crochet tops? Here is a lovely short sleeve crochet top to add to your wardrobe: Nicolas made in Australia lovely vest: Here is a men's shirt, bought but still in it's original packaging. LaRok gold fashion jacket size L Abercombie & Fitch Torn shorts Size 10 Baseball Mets blue tshirt Rosario XL         S O L D =>Here is a timeless, sleeveless fashion top you might like to add to your wardrobe. It's preloved in size 8.