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New Year, New you - treats for you and loved ones

 New year, new you: It's about time to treat yourself! Here is specially curated selections for your shopping pleasure. You took care of family and friends, and now it's time to help yourself to amazing treats. You deserve the best!  Let's go for shopping! Get the new look with these modern and stylish eyewear, check the discounts:  Buy 1 and get 1 FREE, use code VKBOGO       Are you looking for a discount airfare for your next international trip? Airline is an online travel agency specializing in discount international airline tickets, offering consolidator fares for flights originating in the USA and Canada to many international locations in Asia , Africa , Central & South America , Europe , the Middle East , South Pacific & the Indian subcontinent . We have over 8,000,000 different discounted airfares for both domestic and international destinations in this database from over 50 airlines. We distribute international tickets from some

Handbag holders secure handbag traveling or dining at restaurant

Handbag holders solve the problem of securing your handbag while traveling or dining. Here is on Etsy great selection of handmade, one of a kind handbag holders. I use mine always and I get many compliments! They ask me where they can buy them. I decided to post them on Etsy some of them. Here is the online collection of Lucine Designs for that special unique boutique gift for your loved ones, as well as great treat for yourself!

This week's top shopping list, recommendations

  This week, I'm presenting to you bargain big brand name beauty products. Namely, Lancome, Clinique, Este Lauder special bundles. If you had to buy them individually, you know it would be much more. So check out these beauty cosmetics bundles.  Note that they get also cross listed on other apps. If you really want something, then it's best to buy them asap. Don't regret later.       Lancome set Clinique Set  

Selling on Amazon

 Do you sell on Amazon? What's your experience? I personally don't sell on Amazon. Also, I don't buy from Amazon.  I support small businesses on eBay, Mercari, Etsy and OfferUp and check those four sources, before any purchase. Besides, I shop in person in my area. Here are some articles regarding selling on Amazon:  › business-blog › 10-reasons-not-sell-your-products-amazon 10 Reasons Not To Sell Your Products on Amazon | Realtree B2B Here are 10 reasons not to sell on Amazon . 1. Amazon sellers only get paid every 14 days. Unlike selling on ebay and other ecommerce sites, where payments are generally instant, Amazon pays sellers every two weeks. And then, it can take 3 to 5 business days for funds to appear in your bank account. These delays can make it difficult to ramp up ...  › articles › three-reasons-you-should-not-sell-your-products-through-amazon Three reasons you should not sell your pro

Everyday objects

  The Forgotten Uses of 8 Everyday Objects Have you ever actually thrown a pair of gloves in the glove compartment? Mental Floss Stacy Conradt what else would you like to the above?   Essential Bike Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know It’s as easy as ABCQ. Popular Science John Kennedy  

Today's gifts for loved ones and home decor

   What a beautiful carry all red and white bag! Carry in style. Music never sounded so good: pick one of the best headphones to listen to your favorite music. Also don't forget to treat your loved ones.             Join Minted and save on back to school shopping          For your home, comfortable bed is a must for good sleep - check out, and get $300 off!   And some wall decor - perfect for home or office, it's so versatile NOTE: This blog is supported by our users. I get commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this post.