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Today's gifts for loved ones and home decor

   What a beautiful carry all red and white bag! Carry in style. Music never sounded so good: pick one of the best headphones to listen to your favorite music. Also don't forget to treat your loved ones.             Join Minted and save on back to school shopping          For your home, comfortable bed is a must for good sleep - check out, and get $300 off!   And some wall decor - perfect for home or office, it's so versatile NOTE: This blog is supported by our users. I get commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this post.

Save photos and videos, write a book

Have you thought of writing down your own family's story and save your legace? Here is your chance to create your own book, save your own memories and share them!       Your life in print!        I know friends who lost their digital files? Don't let that happen to you and loved ones. Get some for yourself and some to give as gift to loved ones. They will appreciate it and be grateful for that most thoughtful gift!  I came across this very useful article: How Do Books Become Valuable? Aisling Twomey Jul 13, 2022    FYI: This content contains affiliate links. When you buy through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Today's gift selections - shopping online

        It's time to shop, treats for you and those you love. Make their day with a surprise gift!   Special 20% sale at Lucine Designs boutique at Etsy when you buy more than two items. In addition to that, free shipping for purchases of over $35!       Orange good luck clover drop earrings and pierced pastel blue glass with darker blue shades of lampwork glass     White beaded drop earrings or pierced clear flower earrings         Soft pink pastel linear earrings with faux pearls and handmade beaded pink lampwork glass accent earrings         More handmade beaded soft pastel, rose quartz gemstone acentted with bugle beads. Check out this timeless black beauty! Opalite earrings, I wear mine often and I get many compliments. Beaded handmade earrings Which earrings would you buy for yourself and which ones to treat your loved ones?    Follow Lucine Designs on Instagram  

Shop now - Today's picks for your pets

    Cat Odor Eliminator      Pet Urine Odor Solution Kits for Home Use   

Today's Shopping List - Are you ready for back to school?

      Before you know it, September will be here!   It's good to have enough time to start getting ready for the school year.   We have few sources and suggestions for smooth transfer to the 2022-2023 school year.     Fancy fashion pencil cases:         Lunch Bags with cool animal prints    The small backpack your child would love! Involve them shopping with you. You will have an idea of their likes and preferences.         Shop the New Disney Collection now at Minted!   I loved music, I am sure you might like to think of introducing your child to musical instruments. Here is a great choice for you:      Violin String  

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