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New York buy and sell online communities

 I will update this list as information is available:   Bayside / Auburndale Queens Yard Sale / For Sale or Trade Queens, NYC online Garage Sale  has 24k members as of March 15, 2021 What to do in New York City:   This is general thrifty group, not limited to NYC 31k members

Shopping for Insurance?

 Here is detailed information regarding INSURANCE: How Does Life Insurance Work? [Complete Guide] By  Ryan Luke   /  April 7, 2020 Summary: This post is an in depth analysis of how life insurance works and the different types of life insurance available to you. It will cover: How Life Insurance Works What Happens To Your Term Life Insurance If You Outlive It Life Insurance Payouts And Taxes Should You Get Life Insurance If You Want Life Insurance, How Do You Get It Medical Issues Life Insurance Does Not Cover How To Decide What Insurance To Buy The Type Of Life Insurance I Have For My Family

How much is it worth? Resources for investment and vintage

 Do you have old paper money and coins? Check this website to find out how much they are worth: Some resources regarding investing money: Do you invest with Fidelity Investments or are you thinking about investing with them? This popular online discount brokerage is one of money expert Clark Howard’s favorites, for many reasons. Investing With Fidelity: Here’s What You Need to Know If you have investment and vintage pricing sites to verify and check, please feel free to share it with us.