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MUST have handbag holder for fashionistas

Ladies, I bet you can relate to this situation. Practically whenever you are in public places, specially at restaurants, clubs, cafes - first thing once you sit down is, what's the best place to put your bag. If there isn't an empty space by your seat or a chair, you end up hanging from the chair. Or on the floor... yuck! Well, besides all the basics that you add in your purse or handbag, don't forget to add your stylish and conversation piece purse holder. Here comes this blue drink adorable purse holder. It's so affordable, specially with free shipping (ships to US addresses): Buy it now at - makes also a treasured gift indeed:

Tabbah designs

A friend of mine sent me the link to princess of Monaco's photo wearing Tabbah designs. I had to check them out their site at andI love this gorgeous bracelet with heart clasp. It's so cool. Amazing artistry and of course superb craftsmanship!

Less makeup - brighter eyes with jewelry

Less make-up is more, if you wear the right colour of fashion accessories. Try matching jewelry by colour to compliment and amplify your natural eye colour. If you have green eyes, accessorize with emerald tone fashion jewelry. For those with blue eyes, you would like to wear ocean coloured shades that would enhance and accentuate your eyes. And for those with brown and darker eyes, topaz and amber stones and Czech glass jewelry would do the trick. So forget about putting on too much eye makeup and let your accessories do their part. Give it a try.

Lovely orange and white circles

Here is a refreshing lovely orange and white brand new circles choker. It gently hugs the neck without clasps!! It reminds of the 70s fashion - You may purchase at remember, FREE shipping - ships to US only.

Latest fashion trend: the scarf

Scarfs are making a comeback, this time as new way of wearing them. So get out the scarves you have in your closet and wear them proudly. There are variety of ways to wear them, giving new life to your wardrobe. Glamour Fashion has great article about it and ideas how to restyle with your scarf. So get out your favorite scarves and have fun!! Here is the link

Affordable fashion jewelry

Facebook has a great app to have your store via Payvment. There were others, however, this one I believe is here to stay and has great potential to expand. It's great tool. It fosters confidence, as you could interact easily with admin of each group. So here is the page to buy the below latest fashion accessories, fashion forward and very affordable. Members of the group have additional advantage, they get further discount at checkout of 10% Check Bachigs page on FB to purchase easily and interact with the admin.

Childrens fashion - Lanvin

Childrens fashion is amazing, specially for girls. It's so versatile. If we talk about fashion, we would think about adults. However childrens fashion is broad. Check out Lanvin's collection for those adorable girls at It's such pleasure to check out Lanvin Paris' Spring 2012 stylish girls collection!

Inspiration to design

They ask me how do you design, how long does it take you. It's all relative. The first ingredient is, I have to get inspired. Besides having some time to play around with materials. What puts me in the mood is streaming online music in the background. I cannot design with TV on, so for me, the TV has to be off. Unless I have already an idea of what to make. But music isn't distracting, on the contrary, I design thanks to the flow of the music. Some of the stations I love is , another one is aol radio, specially the world music,

New pendants

Check out these four new pendants - you have a nice variety to chose from. They are very affordable, great bargains indeed! Buy now at Get it now at Get it now at