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Designer: Katya Ekimian

  AMERICAN WOOL AT THE 2021 MET GALA Knitwear designer Katya Ekimian created this custom knit gown for Sandra Jarva Weiss, wife of Daniel Weiss; CEO and President of the Met. Knitted from American wool and lurex; each white flower is from a different American native endangered and heritage breed sheep. With matching mask and boutinniere. @katya.ekimian #metgala #metgala2021   American Wool on Facebook    One of the comments regarding wool:   Exactly the opposite. Without breeders and farmers the Sheep would go extinct. Wool is harvested by shearing sheep. The people that do the sharing are extraordinary really good at their job and do it without harming the animal. In fact it's very healthy for the animal to get sheared because wool does not stopped growing and without sharing the animal can suffer tremendously. shearing is very beneficial to the Sheep's health.    

Select articles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Resell

  Sharing interesting articles I have read recently:  What Really Happens When You Donate Your Clothes—And Why It’s Bad Blame fast fashion. NYLON Taylor Bryant Quote: "...The U.S. sends away over a billion pounds of used clothing per year , and a lot of those excess textiles are sent to East African countries like Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda, each of which has received so much that some have proposed banning imported used clothing ...."  Quote: "...  Another reason people aren’t wearing items until the end of their lifecycle is a bit more obvious: the quality of clothing doesn’t lend itself well to long-term wear...."   My TOP favorite apps to sell actually are: Mercari and OfferUp !  Here are her suggestions: (I am not familiar with SilkRoll. Poshmark doesn't work for me, the shipping option is too high! As to Depop, after a year of giving it a try, I had to delete that app. I sold only one item, as I cross list, and it didn't even show up in my profile