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Gift 🎁 ideas and vintage jewelry selections

 Presenting vintage jewelry and gift ideas of today: Here is today's vintage earrings selections. They are statement earrings for sure!   (this item SOLD)    But we have more listed - check them out                How about clip on earrings? Not everyone likes to wear pierced earrings. Do you notice that at the stores it so rare to find clip on earrings? Do you wear clip on earrings?                   What are you looking to buy?  View this post on Instagram A post shared by BaysideLu (@mybargainsmall)

Don't get discouraged - Fabiola Fiore

I am so glad Fabiola shared this information and I rushed over to listen to the amazing interview. Podcast interview with Julie Bruns a writer, author, podcaster, and so much more who found me in my last Coastal Style Magazine May/June 2022 while visiting in Maryland in May !   I just listened to the great interview of my very dear creative girlfriend, Fabiola Fiore. She is from NYC and recently settled in Delaware. I hope you listen to this amazing interview to know and appreciate the creative talent of Fabiola.      " My guest this week is Fabiola Fiore. Growing up, she was consistently creating. She couldn't get art out of her blood. She was even selling t-shirts on her way to her banking job. She always designed on the side, but worked 25 years in banking. Mainly because she was told (and believed), she couldn't be a starving artist. And now she's making a living as an artist, as has been for a while. No more banking for her!  Her advice as you navigate th

Today's selections : Affordable gifts and treats for you as well

 Do you need a handmade gift? Or a treat for yourself? Earrings are the easiest to update a look. Here is a selection of new earrings at Etsy. Click on each image to get to the Etsy shop of Lucine Designs. Remember, orders over $35 will be FREE shipping! That's great's great savings. What else are you looking to buy these days?   Boutique style one of a kind drop long earrings. Glass and purple faux beads, enhanced with purple tassels. 3 1/2”  Linear silver tone metal with blue and purple accents, one of a kind earrings. With fancy French wires. \ Variations to the faux leather tassels - you have several options to choose from:  This pair has the dainty lampwork glass evil eye beads. The drop is detachable. You can wear it with the blue faux leather tassel or without it!  It's versatile design! Here are the two other versions: one with black faceted glass beads and the third one is plain drop linear earrings: