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Home Design: The open floor concept analysis

 I can relate well to this analysis of the homes and interior design of open concept. I personally prefer my kitchen to have a door. For two reasons: 1. When I cook, I prefer the various odors don't go to all the rooms, specially to the bedrooms. 2. It takes a long time to cool the living room, because we had taken off the kitchen door. So cooling the living room and all the hallways between the entrance and hallways reading to the bedrooms and powder room and bathroom. 3. While I cook in the summer, it heats up the air and interferes with The Case for Rooms It’s time to end the tyranny of open-concept interior design. CityLab Kate Wagner some quotes from the above great article: "...If closed floor plans are considered such a nuisance these days, why did they prevail for almost 100 years in single-family working- and middle-class suburban housing? The answer: closed floor plans make a lot of sense, from both an environmental and a living perspective.  ..." I totally a

Supply chain issues information in the media

 This is great time for resellers. Those who declutter their home and closets. Get organized and reduce, reuse, recycle by reselling on variety of apps.  Are you a reseller? Which apps to you use to resell? Venues to resell  Mercari   check out BaysideLu on Mercari app.  OfferUp   check out BaysideLu on OfferUp app Etsy Are you creative? Sell your handcrafts. Find DIY supplies or sell your vintage items  Ecrater - have your own store, it's functioning since mid 90s! Inexpensive way to have your own online store! Poshmark it takes too much effort and time to sell!! You might like to try it out. Sell new and vintage clothing, accessories, beauty products and more.  eBay,  Amazon,  Here are some articles related to supply chain issues: I'll update this page: Here is articles as of Oct 22, 2021 One Business That’s Loving the Supply Chain Crisis By Henry Grabar Oct 15, 2021

Non Profits categorized

  Conservative companies The following is a non-exhaustive list of for-profit companies which generally support conservative principles, individuals, and/or organizations . This list is based primarily on official, corporate activity, but also based partially on the activities of employees, which are not sponsored by their companies. The companies are categorized of the extent of their support for, as well as opposition to, conservative causes.   Charity Mobile Telecom Sends 5% of its users' price to pro-life, pro-family charities. [4] Scores 3.33 at 2ndvote. [5] Cintas Service Target of asset manager Blackrock's pressure campaign for its support for conservative causes. [6] Donations, mainly by individuals, went 91% conservatives in 2020. [7] ConocoPhillips Energy 96% organizational and 59% individual donations went conservatives in 2020. [8] Cornerstone Payment Systems Finance Cristian payment pr