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Home Design: The open floor concept analysis

 I can relate well to this analysis of the homes and interior design of open concept.

I personally prefer my kitchen to have a door. For two reasons:

1. When I cook, I prefer the various odors don't go to all the rooms, specially to the bedrooms.

2. It takes a long time to cool the living room, because we had taken off the kitchen door. So cooling the living room and all the hallways between the entrance and hallways reading to the bedrooms and powder room and bathroom.

3. While I cook in the summer, it heats up the air and interferes with

The Case for Rooms

It’s time to end the tyranny of open-concept interior design.


some quotes from the above great article:

"...If closed floor plans are considered such a nuisance these days, why did they prevail for almost 100 years in single-family working- and middle-class suburban housing? The answer: closed floor plans make a lot of sense, from both an environmental and a living perspective.  ..."

I totally agree with Kate! Soon we will have our kitchen renovated after 30 years. We will have a kitchen door put in. Perhaps the barn door, slides to one side. Whenever I cook, I can have the door closed, until the kitchen is totally aired and odor free. As well as when we have the air condition on when it gets hot.


The best thing about the closed floor plan? It offers what it has always offered: aural, olfactory, and spatial privacy. Humans have always needed the sense of comfort and refuge that defined rooms provide. That may explain the rise of “man caves” and “ she sheds”—closed spaces that rebel against the open concept.

Instead of these—space-wasting, specialized rooms that are used relatively sparingly—why not just build common rooms with walls and doors? If you want to escape something unpleasant, you can do so without feeling banished or isolating yourself from everyone else. Sometimes, true freedom means putting up a few barriers....."


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