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Purple Cuff - Purple wirework fresh water pearls | UsTrendy

Purple Cuff - Purple wirework fresh water pearls | UsTrendy

Shopping for Halloween?

Are you looking for unique handmade gifts and finds for Halloween? Several collections are lovingly curated and I'll list here the boards with a link to respective curator's booth on Etsy. Jonique on Etsy from Alberta, Canada has curated this board entitled: AP Team Halloween Fun Click on this link to check out each and every item listed above: Here is another one, all greens, including Halloween goodies: Liron Shebs named this collection "Green Stuff" Check out also the curator Liron's booth at Etsy : from Rosh Haayin, Central, Israel You said Halloween? Yes, here is yet another treasury you might like to check out:

Twitter and suspensions and alternatives to Twitter

There has been mass suspensions of Bonanza booths that tweet. From the posts, you would see, it was done without warning. So far the media hasn't caught on it. Twitter since yesterday without warning has suspended many accounts. Here is some of the forums to follow up the discussions at Bonanza's forums: Here are some useful links: Twitters mentioning twitter account suspensions at:!/search/Twitter%20account%20suspended?q=Twitter+account+suspended And here is the link, where you contact twitter and WAIT, but look for other promotion strategies: Here is yet another tip from twitter:

Info about paper sizes

I had read about a post for the size of a totebag and it mentioned A4. I was curious to find out what A4 stook for. I did some search and this is what I found out: A4 size equals 210cm by 297 cm and equivalent to 8.3inches by 11.7 inches Here is a complete list of other sizes with charts: