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Levon Kafafian featured artist

Featured artist: Levon Kafafian "....Levon Kafafian creates tactile and sensory works on the threshold of transition, applying the process of weaving beyond thread into visual, performative and social practice. Levon practices in the Detroit community through the use of textile craft, ancestral lifeways and magical experience. Throughout Sept.-Oct. 2019, Levon Kafafian will be a resident artist of AANM's Artists + Residents program. They will be using AANM’s historical archives to research ways of life across Southwest Asia during the late Ottoman era in conjunction with AANM’s library to research future-facing narratives for a new graphic novel, Portal Fire. The novel tells the story of an orphan named Maro, their journey through old prophecies and the team of archaeologists who begin excavating remnants of Maro’s city 1,000 years later. Portal Fire is a story born of a desire to see future-facing/speculative narratives and queer representation in graphic arts media depic

Today's top picks - pendants

Today I'll be picking up for you selection of minimalist pendants with chains. East one would come in fancy organza drawstring pouch. What kind of pendants you like to wear? Gemstone pendant with tiger eye and peridot, unique one of a kind pendant by Lucine Designs: Tricolor handmade pendant using ribbon:

Today's top boutique necklace and matching earrings picks

Let me share with you today's top boutique necklace picks for you or a gift for a loved one: All jewelry comes in fancy drawstring organza pouch. One of a kind gemstone necklace by Lucine Designs: Amethyst accented by Czech glass and lampwork intricate unique bead accents: Here is illusion necklace in faux large pearls enhanced by green crystal balls: This illusion necklace would update many outfits, it's a must have in your jewelry box. A great gift to give to that special someone, she will greatly appreciate your thoughtful gift! Are you looking for that one of a kind chic necklace? Here it is: Which of the above necklaces you like most? Here are several earrings you I have picked for you that would match the above necklaces: Purple drop earrings: You would remember from my prior post the friendship ring to complete the look: Get your Christmas tree earrings, wonderful for this Christmas season to wear or give as gift: Opal sterling silver ear
Are you looking for boutique one of a kind gifts? I'll list some items here made by Lucine Designs: This is adjustable green fashion ring. Enhanced with cloisone green accent! It comes in gift box. Wear peace of nature, mother of pearl rectangular adjustable ring in gift box: How about this lovely green adjustable ring? The base is made with white button, it gives it such unique luster. It will come as well in gift box. This ring is very special: the "forget-me-not" ring of friendship and special memories. It comes in gift box.