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List of American Brands now owned by foreign comapanies

 I was reading about classic American brands that are now no longer owned by Americans. I had to find out who owns them now, and here is what I found out. Sharing it with you. If you know of others that are not included in this list, please share in the comments section. 25 Classic American Brands Now Owned by Foreign Companies Melly Alazraki November 16, 2022 11:54 am Last Updated: February 27, 2023 4:47 pm   Summarizing here for quick reference - information taken from above article:   1. GrubHub > Founded: 2004, Chicago, Illinois > Date first became foreign: 2020 > Current parent company: Just Eat N.V., Netherlands NOTE: I had no idea this was no longer a US company. Anyway, I don't use this service, as I like to order directly from local restaurants.    2. Tiffany & Co. > Founded: 1837, New York, New York > Date first became foreign: 2021 > Current parent company: LVMH M

Why we need a real professional and forget the DIY

Many of us love DIY projects, however in many cases a real professional is extremely important. Once you look at all these "disaster DIYs" I bet you believe why we need to carefully find a professional with LICENSE to do the job properly. I was just reading all these variety of DIY disasters and I had to share with all of you: Home Improvement Jobs That Were a Total Waste of Money Updated: Feb 9, 2023 By Kate Prince Entertainment    

Sustainable shopping bargains and gifts selections for Fathers Day

 Sustainable shopping is the best way to go to find that unique gift from the past. They bring often fond memories. Here is our special selection, specially keeping in mind amazing fathers to celebrate Father's Day. Books, sports memorabilia and more being among them to shop.  Collectibles lot 5pcs   Tumbler: New York Mets collectibles The images of Todd Frazier and Michael Conforto are on this Amazing Mets tumbler     MLB New York Mets Tumbler, collectible , 2018     Walt Disney World All-Star Resort Sports Plastic Mug Cup, vintage collectible       Walt Disney World Celebrate The Future Hand In Hand Plastic Mug Cup   Warhammer 40k 7 audiobooks lot They are also sold individually, check the other listings.                                

Sustainable shopping bargains and gifts selections

  After few months of absence, I am continuing to bring you gifts and bargains posted on shopping apps and other websites. Our top priority is to bring you selection of small business listings.  Gold drop earrings with crystals /rhinestones , boutique jewelry , new boutique fashion jewelry  What a beautiful, minimalist gold flower on large kidney wires! It would be your favorite earrings Fashion designer sandals, gently used, leather brown boutique shoes. In an effort to reduce and reuse, it's best to buy gently used fashion for sustainable fashion use. Here is the designer sandals by Cole Haan, leather sandals at Mercari: low heel with gold tone metal, great touch! And as we are at the sustainable shopping experience, here are from personal library variety of books: I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections Nora Ephron, hardcover publication, genre: Humor   Here are science fiction publications:  Empire of Man  by David Weber and John Ringo and  Ragnarok Locked in a war for survi