Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas windows in New York City!!

Last Friday with bunch of friends from work we met at Bryant Park. I love always the beautiful atmosphere created there every year. Some of us arrived early and went around to check out all the goodies at all those cozy main-street type stores. Betty and I spent most of our time at the Spiral store. They have this unique concept of decorating, with swirling metals done in great shapes. I didn't take pix. Next visit will do and add here. Then we went around to the other stores and at 7pm we had our pix taken by the Christmas tree. Alas, we were very disappointed the lights were all cold blue and nothing festive about it.... We were expecting to have pix with these gorgeous Christmas colours - reds, golds and greens which were all absent from this massive tree. But we took pictures anyway, since we were here. Afterwards we went upstairs to Celsius, which has nice airy and cool atmosphere with great view of the stores and the ice-skating rink. A must for everyone to go there.
Here is some of the pix I took there. Hopefully next week I would manage to take some more:

One of the highlights of our trip to the Park was, that Bryant Park Shops rewarded my and my girlfriend around 8:30pm when everyone else had left by two $25.00 gift certificates each. (I'll add soon the name and link to the store).

Check out the Christmas window decorations at Bergdorf Goodman:

Christmas at Lord and Taylor opening Youtube video:

Here is CBS covering Christmas around town - very nice persentation - check it out:

And here is some of the shots I took while walking on 3rd Ave, towards the express but by 38th St. Since the bus hadn't arrived yet, I took these shot.  I figured, we take for granted all these gorgeous decorations around town, so why not capture them and share with my friends.  In the upcoming week, I promise to take more pix around town.

and here is the lobby of my building - 220 E 42nd St, Daily News Bldg - yesterday they had special treats for the tenants, as they always do every year. So classy!! Here is the pix - I'll add more soon:

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