Friday, August 12, 2011

Creativity in technology - TUMO Center in Yerevan

Armenians throughout the ages had to leave their homeland due to calamities and hard times in the homeland. Wherever they have settled they have enriched those cultures. Polish people call Armenians "the salt of the earth" - Armenians have contributed so much to civilizations, however over the ages it's lost in history.

It's so refreshing to see now Armenians enriching the homeland, the 1/10th of historic lands left, live and independent. However there are many challenges. Watching this new cutting edge technology live today gives so much hope and inspires. So happy to see Armenians now fertlizing the homeland with their creativity.

Thanks to Hrag Vartanian for this information:

Watch Opening of Yerevan's Cutting Edge TUMO Center LIVE NOW!

On Monday, August 14, the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies will officially open to the public. However, today, Friday, August 12, the public will get a taste of the state-of-the-art facility during the opening ceremonies, which will be livecast on the center’s website.

Watch the opening ceremonies of TUMO LIVE now at:

The kids have the glow sticks and based on the command, they would see special effects


check out new technology projections on buildings -

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