Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fashion picks by Sense of Fashion

Here is some of the fashion picks by Sense of Fashion. You would see them on the front page:

In Today's Top Picks you would find these fashion selections:
Hot pink dress by INBALGVILI from Israel

and this black lacy open toe pumps: Anbro Lace Peep Toe Pump from the boutique of HighOnHeeels from Australia

As well as: Aztec moon ring of StellaNemiro from Australia

In HOT ITEMS you would find and other selections:
These adorable blue sandals from Hong Kong

And the floral illusion dress of PIOOPIOOlabel from Israel is among the LIMITED ITEMS selections

Sense of Fashion highlights on the front page those who ship for free. That's great savings indeed. So consumers love it!

Among the free shipping items is this gorgeous statement slip on ring

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The Belly Dancer said...

Love this ring. New follower.