Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The story of the leather earrings

I love designing with various mediums. My late mother and grandmother have been my inspiration and role models. I have been doing various creative works since childhood.

When I started working for the United Nations, the first Club I joined was the Camera Club. It was vibrant and very inspiring group of UN staff at the time. They had approached me to display my works at the Secretariat's South Lobby.

I then dabbled with sawing. I never liked sawing growing up. My mother would finish my designs. However, in my 20s I had great job, missed my family as I was away from everyone. I had plenty of free time after work. One of my girlfriends asked me if I wanted to buy a sewing machine. It was heavy industrial solid, for $35. I figured if I don't use it, it would be fine.

At that time there was Woolworth at the corner of 42nd Street and 3rd ave. Right now CVS occupies it. They used to sell fabric also. I bought this beautiful tropical fabric and decided to make my first skirt, all by myself. Ah, it was quite challenging, as I never used a sewing machine before! Those who know me well, know that I thrive on challenges. This was a challenge I decided to tackle. I started sawing, however the line kept on getting crooked. I was very determined to get that line straight. I kept on taking off the thread and redoing many times, until at last I got it! I figured in order to saw, you need to be able to follow the line exactly. Once I tackle that I figured I can do anything. And that was so true! I have that first skirt in one of my boxes in storage. When I get a picture of it, will post it here.

When I got married, I had do downsize. Therefore I gave away all my fabric to talented colleagues.

During my early days of marriage I wanted to be an expert in high quality beading on clothing like my mother. I discovered the bead stores. I'll write more about this part in the future. Eventually I branched instead into the realm of jewelry making.

Fast forward to Friday August 31, Troy, NY. Since my husband and I brought our son for his junior year at RPI, I gave a call to my girlfriend Anita. I was so lucky. As she had taken that day off to go on camping trip. However, due to the Hurricane Irene, all the parks were closed! So I enjoyed her company after all these years. We were both busy raising kids and she had left the city long ago. She asked me if I still had her red leather earrings. At my early stage of dabbling with jewelry making, due to circumstances and personal decisions, I had to abandon my designing and had to fold everything related to jewelry making and arts related pursuits.

Recently, to help out our church I had started to gradually get back to it. Right now my son is in the process of handling the business part of it. Last week I had come across one of my drawers this gorgeous leather oval earrings. And my son had taken pictures of it.

I had noticed a bump on the back and couldn't figure out why it was there. When Anita mentioned the red leather earrings, I immediately knew which one she was talking about. Honestly, I had forgotten that actually it was hers. Lesson learned here: when someone gives something to be fixed, have in zip-lock bag with a note. Everything in life we know happens for a reason. I was thinking about this and now I know why. Her son after his May 2011 graduation has moved to my area and he plans soon to go up to Troy. Now I can see him, since my son and us missed seeing him on Friday. Give him the special earrings to give his mother.

As to the bump at the back of the earrings, mystery is solved! They were pierced earrings and I had changed it to comfortable clip backs! Since it's been ages and I hadn't protected it in zip-lock bag, they are not as shiny and do look vintage. Well, I guess they are vintage at this stage.

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