Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New year's checklist

I bet you didn't get to find time to focus and take some time to think about what you like to accomplish in 2012. Don't worry, here is a very creative person who has done it all for you. The questions that you might like to ask, to help you with your 2012 resolutions. Unless you're quite happy the way things are and you don't find the need to do anything about it.

Still, you might like to check out this list at: http://www.thefinancialblogger.com/20-life-changing-questions-for-2012/ perhaps you might be able to get few pointers. Everyday is a new day, as my grandmother used to say. "Ore nor, inke nor" Armenian saying, which means "with every new day, everything is new". So true, when we wake up in the morning we cannot predict what turns and twists await us. Of course we have an idea what the routines are, but there are moments and situations that take us by surprise. Like they say everyday is a present, as the day goes by we unfold the griftwrap and put to rest all that at night, to start over with a new gift the following day.

If the above list helped you, you are welcome to leave your comment at this entry.

Have a wonderful creative year, full of nice surprises and inspirations. Remember, declutter any negativity and surround yourself with positive people and stuff that uplift your spirit.

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