Monday, March 26, 2012

Thematic maps

I blieve the Thematic maps by Arcgis is fascinating.

They have put together wonderful collection of very useful maps:
Koppen-Geiger Observed and Predicted Climate Shifts. Well, we all do feel all this climate changes and huge variations. Check out the changes from 1901 to 2100

You may want to check out Global Wetlands, or World AIDS Day map.

How about the Global Footprints of Nations as calculated by the Global Footprint network.

Or Global distribution of Seagrasses-Points Dataset (2005).

World Mineral Deposits from Natural Resources Canada.

Global Climate Observing Stations.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions on the Rise.

Greatest Sporting Nations (Global Cup Dec 2011)

Observed temperature change over Europe 1976-2006.

Import and Export of Plastic Waste.

Greece and Great Britain detailed basemap produced through the Community maps Program.

And many more interesting maps.

Check out all of that at:

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