Saturday, October 6, 2012

Twitter and suspensions and alternatives to Twitter

There has been mass suspensions of Bonanza booths that tweet. From the posts, you would see, it was done without warning. So far the media hasn't caught on it.

Twitter since yesterday without warning has suspended many accounts.

Here is some of the forums to follow up the discussions at Bonanza's forums:

Here are some useful links:

Twitters mentioning twitter account suspensions at:!/search/Twitter%20account%20suspended?q=Twitter+account+suspended

And here is the link, where you contact twitter and WAIT, but look for other promotion strategies:

Here is yet another tip from twitter:
Note: not everyone suspended at Bonanza were aggressive promoters... let's hope someone will get to the bottom of this strange suspension.

Hmmm.... are Bonanza users are victim of bots? Quote: "...Twitter adjusts their auto-suspension algorithm all the time, so anything is possible. ."

If you like to find someone on twitter, you might try:

Anyway, the best way to counteract to any situation in business or our real life, is not to get stuck, but find alternatives.

Here are some articles that help out with that:
Three Twitter Alternatives Vie to Replace Its "Newly Strict" Service

I'll be updating the information and updates to this strange situation.

Here is yet another article covering Twitter suspension by a bot? Ah, always blame it on the computer ;)
Check this article at Ecommerce Bytes: Twitter Tells Marketplace Sellers, No Tweets for You By: Ina Steiner

Trying to understand APIs and such stuff that mess up things instead of helping improve - here is some explanation:

Twitter’s API Update Cuts Off Oxygen to Third-Party Clients
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