Saturday, May 5, 2012

Songs dedicated to "Mother"

A bunch of songs dedicated to "Mother" in various languages:

Feel free to add in comments area link to other songs dedicated to Mothers in any language, that you LOVE. Sidney Bechet - Si tu vois ma mère = If you see my mother:

Nana singing a song dedicated to her mother "Mayrikis" = to my mother (Armenian song) - She has left her homeland and left her mother behind, song of yearning and love

Celine Dion singing "Mama""

Aram singing "Mayrik" about his mother who's sick and her heart broken heart (in Armenian)

This song is in Armenian dedicated to "Mother" or "Mayrik" by Armenchik- mayr=mother:

Here is a song by late Aram Asatryan "Mayrikis" = to my mother singing in Armenian:

Here is an Arabic song dedicated to "Mama" thanking mother for being there alawys, even though his father abandoned them: it's in Arabic with English subtitles

Another Arabic song dedicated to Mothers Day:

Nancy Ajram, Lebanese singer, with her daughter on Mothers Day singing in 2011, an interview also with Nancy's mother:

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