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Curated boutique shopping list - gifts and bargains


October is here, like me, you like to update your wardrobe and buy some special goodies to freshen up your home decoration. I have selected variety of bargains and listing them in here.
To see the latest additions, check out over 1000 items at BaysideLu on Mercari. Follow BaysideLu on Instagram.

Decorative blue pillow case with flowers, zipper closure, home decor , new :This beautiful pillow cover is 15”x15”, with lovely powder blue flowers.Red vintage pillow case, home decor, red is the color of good luck and happiness. This beautiful pillow cover is 15”x15”, with lovely hand painted flower buds. It has zipper back.

Here is quilted beautiful sild pillow cases, update your living room look instantly, as needed. These pillows are vintage, however they were never used:

Size: 15" x 15" both pillow cases: Quilted silk pillow case with zipper closure, vintage 

and see the blue quilt version of this vibrant beautiful pillow case as well:

Boho chic vintage, however not used pillow cases, here is a lovely decorative accents to update the look on demand:
Pillow case, beaded, embroidered boho chic home decoration 

Most of them are 16"x16" - They are made in India 


 Here is a lovely Vintage handmade embroidery with lace trimming at a very affordable price! Great decorative accent. You might even add a hoop and hang as wall decor! What else would you use it for? Crochet all around it and make it as the center of a throw?

S O L D - How about this Velvet gift drawstring pouch, boutique gift bag, made in India? Use it to bring a bottle of wine or tuck in a very special gift, as Birthday gift, or house gift, be ready to add a gift for Christmas gift giving season?
It's Soft pink hues velvet pouch 12”x6” Made in India

Shop for variety of bargains and gifts at BaysideLu on Mercari. You have over 1200 items to chose from! Gifts for loved ones and why not some treats for you as well!




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