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Today's shopping list and curated boutique fashion

 Here is our top selection for today's gift ideas and bargains online:

Are you looking for something special, comment and we will try to find it for you.

Here is athletic fashion top at Poshmark:

Velocity sports T-shirt, fiery coral color, M, no sweat fabric, new with tag 

Brand new fashion triangle scarf 56”x16” Polyester and lace. It's timeless beauty and makes a great gift. Versatile and fashion forward accessory.
How about some comfortable loungewear?  long dress kaftan, paisley design Size S Made in India. S O L D
S O L D = > Elegant black knit tshirt, bejeweled with square crystals. Brand new! Size: S 65% polyester 30% cotton 5% spandex Brand: Ontwelfth

Brand new ling yellow dress with blue flowers, has side pockets. Size: medium  
Black beaded shoulder bag. The beading is on both sides! It’s long enough to wear as cross body bag as well. A cellphone fits comfortably. 8” x 6” The cord is 42” 







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